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Animals for Adoption
The cats that are available for adoption have all been spayed or neutered since pet overpopulation is our main concern.  All kittens will be spayed or neutered when they reach the appropriate age and weight.  All cats are veterinarian tested for Feline Aids (FIV) and Feline Leukemia (FeLV).

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Friends of All Animals adoption application
 After completion, you must save, then email to either gloria@lmf.net or foaa@lmf.net

         Siblings, both males    DOB: 10-13-18
Greyson (dk. grey)           Ash

 Dusty (charcoal grey) male, neutered      DOB: 8-1-18        ADOPTED

 Rusty, male, neutered         DOB: 10-15-18        ADOPTED

 Luca - male       DOB:  11-5-18         ADOPTED

 Layla - female      DOB: 9-18-18      ADOPTED

                                                                   siblings DOB: 10-1-18
       Steel, male, neutered                     Millie, female
                               ADOPTED  together

                                         siblings -  DOB: 8-1-18
         Dahlia, spayed female                Samson, male, neutered
                                     ADOPTED together                             

   Josh, male, neutered                        DOB: 4-1-18       

 Stormy, male, neutered      DOB: 2017 approximate      

 Sadie, female, spayed       DOB:  4-2017 approximate

Janet, female, spayed       DOB: 6-2017 approximate

  Ruthie, female, spayed     DOB: 4-20-17     ADOPTED